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  • That was a good video. Here is some of my videos.

    Resident Evil 5: Mercenaries Reunion (Public Assembly-Josh Stone) Score: 127, 670 (SS Rank) Part 1
    Resident Evil 5: Mercenaries Reunion (Public Assembly-Josh Stone) Score 127, 670 (SS Rank) Part 2

    These were the first videos I have made with actual gameplay on them, but they are not my first videos. My most viwed video is the My Soul Calibur 4 Characters video, here is a link to it

    My Soul Calibur 4 Characters

    I think that the only reason why this video got the most views was because videos of people showing their Soul Calibur 4 characters are popular and I had alot of names in the description.

    Here is the last video that I am going to show you and this is my least viewed video.
    My Movie Collection

    I put in the video that I was going to make a remake of this video which had me talking, but I never did do it yet.

    I know how it feels to have the videos uploaded for hours. I know a good way to reduce the amount of time it takes. All you have to do is download Windows Live Movie Maker, put the video on there to edit then save it to your computer as a WMV and then upload it. When I used that method it made a whole world of difference to me as I could upload my videos in less than an hour or just a little bit over an hour to upload rather than waiting for about 3 hours for 1 video.

    Also I sent you a friend request to your Youtube channel.
    You can't record in HD, but if you have the right type of Dazzel it will come out as HD. The kind of Dazzel you would need is the one that I got which I think that it is called the Dazzel Video Creator HD (I can't remeber, but all I do know that it has HD on the box.). I will try to upload the videos sometime this weekend, but that it is a huge IF.

    As for the lag, it only happens during capturing, but the final result of the video is lag free. However the lag can really be irritating as during about Part 5 or 6 of my Silent Hill: Homecoming Walkthrough I was still watching the computer during recording (You can watch the recording on the computer if you have the TV off and play and record that game that way) and during 1 point it started to lag so badly that I couldn't even tell what was happening and at that point I turned the TV on so that way I could finish the walkthrough.

    Now I don't know if all the other people who make walkthroughs on youtube need permission or not. I do for a fact know that after I uploaded 4 parts of the walkthrough I started to notice that those parts were all being matched to Konami and I knew that Konami would probably block the videos because of Copyright, not only that but my parents got emails from youtube about it and they went ballistic over it and thought that we were going to get sued (Even though you wouldn't if you posted the videos on Youtube as the worst that could happen for posting Copyrighted stuff on youtube is an account deletion. ) and they told me to get permission first, so until I find the right email account from Konami so I could ask them for permission to upload the walkthrough I can't upload the videos, but even after that I may have to wait a few days, maybe even a week(s) until I do get the message. I am going to try to email them sometime this week so I can get permission.
    I have used it and it works like a charm. There are 2 problems with it. Problem #1 is that the switch on the power cable on a Xbox 360 has to be switched to TV because it won't capture anything if it is switched to HDTV. Problem #2 is that when you are capturing footage you will see the footage lag a little bit during recording, but when you go to play the footage it dosen't lag.

    So far I do like it and it works greatly. So far I have made 29 videos (All of them are parts of a walkthrough to Silent Hill: Homecoming. I haven't put any of the parts on youtube yet because I need to get permission from Konami first.) and all of look great.
    Really? you nevered posted double or triple post in 3 years? wow! even I couldnt do that. I saw one of Romeros post and said something that not to double post , you have to quote or mini quote.
    I was like that 2 staying on here everyday and everynight last year, I think Sept or Oct. to build up how much I wanted to become a senior member that I know this and that lol.. but yeah.. I sometimes come on here often.

    By the way, I didnt want to double post on 'Funny pictures' but I thought I might wrote something to you of a picture you send on there. It was too late for me, cause I didnt even know what you mean by that? :lol::lol::lol:.
    Hey, thanks for adding me. how are you by the way? correct me if Im wrong but I see that your the only person here that has more post then everyone else. :)
    This is a visitor message.

    Yeah I haven't posted on your profile in quite a while, so yeah.. :p
    I was but I think I was just in a terribly wretched mood that week to begin with, so it was a bad time for me to view that stuff. :lol:
    Well, I'd imagine their make-up might be composed of dangerous chemicals which could be risky to a cannibal's health. Survival of the fittest and all that jazz.
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