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  • Its good, finaly got some work, in two weeks Im going on holiday, & when I get back I should have the money for a new phone I was looking at the Nokia N900 buttt haha I dunno. what abotu you?
    I'd absolutely hate to sound as if I was rushing you,but can I just ask hows the sig is coming along?
    Hey ihax^. I wanted to ask you if I could join your group active people. So can I?
    Busy :lol: - and disorganised. Got a lot of preparing to do still and haven't started :lol:
    Hey, can you invite me to the 'active people' group? My ass has been up since 10 at night and it's now 2:23 AM ahaha. I've been on this board that long? Good lord. Hey, I'm Kate. nice to meet you!
    Cool, thanks.:) Hmmm, the ones I gave you wouldn't work?

    I had a few other suggestions, perhaps like one of GLaDOS from Portal, but that is something that is cooler when you hear the voice and all. Or maybe the Assassins from HL1.

    I was also thinking of Kain from the Legacy Of Kain Series....maybe something with him and Raziel...
    I've got about 10-12 weeks left which sounds like a long time but in reality it's not...so much to organise and there's no way I'll manage it before the birth :lol:

    Personally, I think you should impregnate Steve - then perhaps he'll have some idea of what it's like to be me right now - and also understand why I keep shouting at everyone :lol:
    What kind of sigs can you make?

    Because I was wondering if you could make me one with Leon (normal outfit), Ada, and The Ganado in a night background.
    My fault really - I keep Steve very busy doing everything I can't be bothered to do for myself now I'm the size of a house. He's been creating galleries and website weirdness inbetween putting up with my incessant complaining so hasn't been on the forums properly in a while.

    Things aren't too bad - I'm just tired and fat :lol: Only got a few weeks left, really, and not at all prepared in the slightest. But otherwise things are not too bad at all. How are you?
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