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  • What am I? hehehe, Lets see here... Im a lovely general person, who can make people laugh, passion, sensative, Soft, Mischef, crazy and shy! :lol: well... a bit of mischef. lol. what about you?
    Oh, its a puzzle game :lol: why didnt you say that in the first place, no worries. my comupter is fine, there are a few virus but I always scan befroe I go on the internet. my anti-virus dosnet expire till next year July.
    Nope its just nice and warm. its summer over here. not snow just a bit of rain thats all.
    Sorry about the delay, I couldnt get on here beause the net wouldn't let me on errrrr!! lol.
    Ive finished work i dont start till next year feb hehehe, long holiday. yes I make money.
    and thank you by the way. you deserve a chocolate Roses.
    Happy Birthday!

    Oh wow, that's a hot pic of Ada there! I wish it was 20 times bigger...
    ah hehehehe I get you now, sorry.... I would say no.. not a freshman in university but I can be a bit freshman at work :lol:
    Refresh my memory is that can you explain what freshman is? is it to do with a guy thing or something lol..
    Um.... I dont know whats up with that... but Im really just a women.. but I hang out with boy mates and sometimes do boy things. but not alot.
    Freshman!!! please refresh my memory :lol:
    Yeah thats what I mean as in martial arts game. or in person like you know kung fu, but you dont need to answer it, sorry my bad.

    University Man??? Im a female. what do you mean by that?
    XD I'm from Philadelphia, PA. And I don't really understand what you just said there, but ok? lmao.
    I'm afraid I don't know, but if you ask in the forum you'll get the answer.
    Oh aye? but watch out for some random spammers. they might take your id and put threads or what ever :lol:

    Ahh yes!!! Now I know what you meant, yeah they like Eye Toy on ps2 but Simular. thos its a bit expensive here. they alright.
    But Im usually a Playstation Person, ever since 1st one came out.
    My username history? It's simple: Romero and nothing else. :lol: I have not changed my name. If you mean the story behind it, my signature leave some clues.
    How come your Username is an E-mail?
    yeah sometimes, playing sports on video games but I usually play action, Fighting, shooting & music... those are one of my best games I like to play.

    can you refresh that word again whats "Kinet"?

    next year Im getting a ps3. either a 250 or something... you got a ps3? how many gigs have you got?
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