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Red x
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  • i really can't make out that message...
    im not sure whether you saying you have met her face to face, or whether your going to??

    do you only talk on the internet/
    have you ever met beauty kitty face to face?
    you think your in love but until you get into a proper relationship you won't know, your ust a kid right now, stop trying to act mature when your not.

    I told you im not trying to do something about it!!
    You keep saying the samething over and over!
    I do know what love is!!ive been in love before!!

    And im not trying to steal kitty!!

    So back off!!

    You moron!1
    i do not talk to beuty mean!
    and i DO know what love is!
    YOU dont,you are just a kid!
    and at no point did i say that i loved kitty like that.
    so i dont see why you are getting so deffensive!
    p.s you can't spell for ****, and you can't argue for ****, its like arguing with a 2 year old, its actually making me laugh, when i read your replies, there that stupid.
    you learnt english before me..erm i grew up in england, i was born here, im 19,so that long..
    you can barely even type in english..seriously, i think you may be slow in the head, when you type its like reading a completely different language..
    LOL at the moron called RED X
    how old are you btw.?
    just curious
    Red X what the hell was that you posted, i don't think anyone on this forum can even understand you, its like you have the brain of a 2 year old, did you never learn how to type and speak english let alone type it..if your gonna insult do it right.,
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