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Carriers of Dust
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  • In this post, Magnolia talked to CapcomGirl about swearing, it was not directed to you.
    Maybe most of your online experience are from places with a different set of netiquette, but here at REN we are quite mainstream. If you search for netiquette, you'll find that it's very common to perceive caps lock as shouting. It may be something said in excitement (like your example), but it is still shouting and not talking with normal "voice".

    As for swearing, I think you said F**K. That's not swearing technically, but it's no doubt what it means and I'd advice to no say it in every second post (not saying you do).
    Well, most people do understand caps lock as shouting, please keep that in mind. Maybe not if it's just one word - that can be perceived as putting extra weight on that word - but when you type a few words in all caps, it is perceived as shouting. If you just want to put extra weight on something, use underline, italics or bold.

    It's part of the netiquette. I think you do sound aggressive sometimes but I understand that you don't mean to(?). But other members may think you do it on purpose and I can't blame them for that.
    Example of forum netiquette.
    Soo, I promis x) My brains totally died after the test weeks, so I have little inspiration left D:
    Powerslave too, of course. Rime of the Ancient Mariner is one of the most epic songs in history (IMO).
    Hi! It's very hard to pick a favorite Maiden album. But Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Piece of Mind, Edward the Great and Fear of the Dark are albums I remember as very good. It might surprise you, but I've just barely listened to Maiden the last years. I've almost not listened to music at all.
    If you use the private messaging feature on here you could send both of us a private message at the same time and, when we respond, we could send it to you and the other person at the same time as well.
    Oh Could You Tell Me What You Liked About The Story So That I Would Sort Of Know Where I Could Help You When The Time Comes.
    Golbez has me on his favorite authors list so just go to his FF page and then to his favorite authors, I think I'm the only one on that list. *checks* Yeah I am, it shouldn't be too hard to find me. :lol:
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